Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, no. We only use the highest quality LED lights. In fact, beyond the quality we only use commercial grade lights, and beyond that we only use the brightest lights with widest angles. The result is the best possible display while drawing the least amount of electricity. Additionally, all our work is custom, and frankly we can’t take the time in the short season to inspect and prepare any lights that we aren’t already familiar with. 

Yes, we start careful take-down and meticulous packing after January 1. We store your lights in our warehouse, no muss, no fuss for you.

Its impossible to answer that question without seeing your job, and what you would like as far as design.  Part of our process is to come out to you and go over design options and budget. If you would like a “ballpark” call us, we will be able to give you an idea based upon what you are looking for.


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